Final Call.
Submissions to the IFEH example collection should be submitted before 1st of March 2007.

Fill in the
worksheet and send it to the coordinator of this project:
Henning Hansen,

UN World Summit 2002

This project has been presented at the UN World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg 2002
Download the PowerPoint Presentation (English Version)
(File size ~ 1.6 MB)

IFEH Policy

See the
IFEH Policy Statement 8 Declaration on the Use of Sustainability Indicators, passed to the IFEH Council at the 8th World Conference on Environmental Health and approved 21.06.2005.

Contact info

Coordinator of the initiative:
Henning Hansen, IFEH

Sustainability Indicator Project

This projected was terminated by 1st  of March 2007 - and these pages will not be updated further. It has been replaced by the IFEH Sustainabilility Initiative.

Worksheet form and information about the project.

From this page it is possibble to download the worksheet form.

Download worksheet-document - MS Word 2000 - version

Download worksheet-document - MS Word 7.0 or 6.0 - version

The document also contains guidance to fill in the form and further information about the project.

The document can be seen here as a PDF-file (Acobat Reader).

All documents above are in English - but it is also possible to download a German version.
German speaking persons are welcome to fill in the form in German - and we will have it translated to English.
The original German version will be made available as well om the IFEH website.

Information about the project is also accessibly
in French
(but not the worksheet). French speaking persons are welcome to fill in the English form - using French langueese and we will translate it to English. The original French version will be made available as well on the IFEH website.

The filled in worksheet form ( a copy of your completed document ) is to be sent to the coordinator of this IFEH project: Henning Hansen (FMK-Denmark), e-mail: )


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