UN World Summit 2002
This project has been presented at the UN World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg 2002
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IFEH Policy

See the
IFEH Policy Statement 8 Declaration on the Use of Sustainability Indicators, passed to the IFEH Council at the 8th World Conference on Environmental Health and approved 21.06.2005.

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Coordinator of the initiative:
Henning Hansen, IFEH

Sustainability Indicator Project

Collection of examples on local initiatives

This projected was terminated by 1st  of March 2007 - and these pages will not be updated further. It has been replaced by the IFEH Sustainabilility Initiative.

Examples categorised by issues / indicator themes.
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Local Agenda 21 - initiatives
Local Environmental Health initiatives
Human Health related to environmental impacts
Air pollution (dust, SO2, NOx, VOC etc)  
CO2-emission / energy consumption / climatic change
Noise pollution
Wastewater (wastewater treatment / sludge handling etc.)
Drinking water
Food Control
Disease Control
Waste (production/ recycling / handling and waste prevention etc.)
Lakes, watercourses, rivers and the sea
Nature, forest and animal wildlife protection
Industrial and agricultural activities - pollution - use of BAT
Use of harmful substances and chemicals
Housing standard (related to human health)
Use of non-renewable resources

Other issues ... 




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