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IFEH Sustainability Indicator Initiative ( SII ) - The Compendium



A global directory of sustainability indicator initiatives

This initiative has come to an end by 2018.
The IFEH ran a similar project IFEH project (SI) from 2000 - 2007 but at the same time the IISD was running the Compendium on Sustainability Indicators.
Info on the first IFEH project (SI) can still be found here:
https://www.ifeh.org/indicators/indicators.html .

By 2005 IFEH went into a formal partnership with the IISD who had initiated the Compendium on Sustainability Indicators.
It was run with the IFEH as a partner in the period 2005 - 2018
The database - the Compedium on Sustaibability Indicators - was maintained and upheld by the IISD. The IISD has by 2018 chosen to discontinue the database. The Compendium had information about 1,000 initiatives and was by 2010 one of the biggest information ressources in the World when it came to Indicators systems and reporting systems where all reported initiatives had went through a review of specialists.

A copy of the whole database - the Compendium has been given to the IFEH due to our partnership with the IISD. Should you want further information feel welcome to contact our coordinator on the Compendium:
Henning I. Hansen, Hon Vice President IFEH
email: henning.hansen@ifeh.org

For historical reasons the IFEH has chosen to remain the old web text on this page - and if you feel a need for us to re-install the database / update the initiative - feel welcome to inform Henning I. Hansen


You are invited to include your knowledge, please read the Invitation Letter

The International Federation of Environmental Health (IFEH) has entered into collaboration with the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) with the aim of collecting, disseminating and promoting the use of indicators to monitor and assess progress towards a sustainable development.

The International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) has housed the Compendium of Sustainable Development Indicator Initiatives since 1995 and the International Federation of Environmental Health has been running a project on sustainability indicator initiatives since 2000. As a result of our co-operation with the IISD it has been decided to use the Compendium as the common database on indicator initiatives.

We would like to invite your organisation / institution to join the Compendium. Your organisation's / institution’s indicator initiatives would be a valuable addition as other organisations and institutions such as yours and involved in similar activities would benefit from learning about your work.

You can add information on your indicator initiative(s) with a broad focus on sustainability and environmental health and protection or just browse initiatives already included in the Compendium by selecting the items on the upper right menu.

By contributing, your institution can help to:


Improve how to measure progress towards sustainability


Share your experience with other institutions involved in similar indicator efforts throughout the World


Track the organizations / institutions which are innovating in this field


Facilitate the coordination of sustainability indicator initiatives worldwide


Keep your organisation in touch and informed

With more than 900 entries, the Compendium is one of the most extensive sources of information on sustainable development indicator initiatives around the world. Entries in the Compendium are created by practitioners, for practitioners with the Compendium website receiving more than 1000 visits per month.

Access to the Compendium is free and it aims at reaching and motivating the widest audience possible. Practitioners save time and resources, enabling them to stay current and avoid duplication.

Over the years, the Compendium has benefited from the collaboration and support of organizations such as Environment Canada, UN Commission for Sustainable Development, World Bank, Redefining Progress, the IFEH and others.

As you are in the best position to provide information on your organisation / institution and its work, we urge you to take a few minutes to create an entry in the Compendium and join the growing network of sustainable development measurement practitioners. Just follow the link below to add your initiative:


The IFEH is willing to enter the above mentioned information on your behalf, if needed. To use this option please send an email to compendium@ifeh.org (maintained by Henning Hansen, coordinator of the IFEH Working Group)

Thank you for assistance in keeping the Compendium an up-to-date resource for today’s sustainable development measurement practitioners.

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