Sporlight on EH in Slovenia
Spotlight on Slovenia

On a regular basis, IFEH gives one of its Member Organisations the opportunity to give a brief outline of itself or how environmental health is in its home country.

These statements are solely the views of the individual member organisation. Right now you can read about Slovenia.
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Sponsor of the IFEH Hedgerow Bursary

Sponsors of the IFEH
Roy Emerson Award


Sponsor of the IFEH
Eric Foskett Award




Terror attack in Paris
IFEH President Statement

IFEH statement of support to the people of France in this time of trouble due to terror.

Read the statement (English version)

Read the statement (Spanish version)

14.11.2015 / 16.11.2015

IFEH Magazine July 2015

The IFEH Magazine - Environment & Health International July 2015 Edition is now available. Thanks to our IFEH Hon. Editor Kathy Young.

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IFEH Newsletter July 2015

The IFEH Newsletter July 2015 Edition is now available. Thanks to our IFEH Hon. PR Officer and Newsletter Editor Janet Russell.
If you have news for the coming edition please email pro@ifeh.org

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IFEH 14th World Conference on Environmental Health in Malawi, 2016

The host of the 2016 IFEH World Conference on EH, Malawi Environmental Health Association, has launched their conference website for this coming World event to take place in Lilongwe, Malawi 3 - 6 May 2016.

Further information on the IFEH website

Look up the conference website:


IFEH EH and Disaster Risk Management - Croatia Outcome

Look up the outcome document from the successful course held in Croatia March 2015.
Look up the outcome document

More information can be found on:


40th EHA National Congress in Sydney

Environmental Health Australia is hosting their 40th National Conference 20 - 23 October 2015. All IFEH members are invited to participate. The IFEH Asia and Pacific Group will meet 19 October up to the conference.

Further information about the conference


IFEH Environmental Health and Disaster Management Course - now in Europe

The course on EH and Disaster Management is now to be held in Croatia (March 2015) and in Portugal (September 2015)
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World Environmental Health Day
26 September 2015

The theme for this year World Environmental Health Day is:

Children are our future
let’s protect their Environment and Health

Read more about this big event and how to contribute:
IFEH WEHD 2015 Message

Visit the IFEH WEHD website:

Send information about your activities to:
to get it posted on the WEHD web site.


IFEH Roy Emerson Award 2015

Undergraduate students from IFEH Member Countries or IFEH Academic Association members are INVITED to submit a 2000-3000 Word Essay and accompanying power-point presentation on the theme:
“World Health - it’s in our hands. Can we beat Ebola?

The winner will be funded by IFEH to receive the prestigious Award in Coimbra, Portugal and to present the Award Winning Essay as a Conference Presentation at the 1st IFEH World Academic Congress, 22-26 September 2015, Coimbra, Portugal.

Read the detailed guideline how to participate

More information about the Roy Emerson Award


Scientific Conference on EH in Uganda

Makerere University Environmental Health Students’ Association is hosting the 12th Annual Scientific Conference, 9th – 10th April 2015
Kampala, Uganda

Call for abstracts


IFEH 1st World Academic Congress on Environmental Health - call for papers

The College of Health Technology of Coimbra, Portugal, is hosting the first IFEH World Academic Congress on Environmental Health - 22-26 September 2015.

Please visit the Congress website - to get further information and in order to respond to the call for papers.

Congress website - http://gehff2015.pt


IFEH Global Job Posting Site

The International Federation of Environmental Health’s Global Posting Site (GPS Locator) jobsite is a very effective and efficient means for attracting the best international and local job applicants at a very inexpensive cost. We hope you enjoy and maybe use this new feature to your advantage.

For information about how to submit a job advertisement or a application, please see the information sheet here

Use the same link to get information on advertising possibilities on that specific page.

To use the GPS locator site, as a safety feature, users (both employer and applicants) need to register first!

Go here and grab the opportunity to work with us.

Goto the IFEH Global Posting Site: ifeh-jobs.org



The Africa Group of the IFEH calls upon all Environmental Health Professionals on the African continent to play an active role in the combating and spread of this virus.

The IFEH further pledges our full support to all our Members who are involved with the control of Ebola in their countries of origin.

Look up the message signed by IFEH President and IFEH Chair African Regional Group


IFEH World Congress 2014 - updates

The IFEH thanks NEHA for hosting a very successful World Congress in Las Vegas, US.
Also our thanks go to:
Hedgerow Software Ltd., NSF International, Underwriters Laboratories and Decade Software for sponsoring some of the IFEH activities.
Read more about the IFEH World Congress
The Hedgerow Bursary - A true Success
The Hegderow Bursary enabled the IFEH to welcome participators from developing countries to take part in this great event.
Read the article

IFEH Eric Foskett Award
The most important and most prestigious IFEH Award - The Eric Foskett Award went to Jerry Chaka, South Afrtica for his great contribution to the IFEH and its vision, for many years.


IFEH Roy Emerson AwardNava Bastola - look up larger photo
The prestigious IFEH Roy Emerson Award went to Nava Bastola, Candidate for Mph at Loma Linda University, USA.

The IFEH would like to thank NSF International for their generous sponsorship of the Emerson Award.

Look up larger photoThe runner up, on second place, went to Jacqueline Eva Nakiirya, from Makere University of Health Sciences, Uganda



New President of the IFEH
Henning I. Hansen, EnviNa Denmark, was put in place as new President of the International Federation of Environmental Health.

His period as IFEH President  will run from now and till 2016.


New President Elect of the IFEH

Peter Archer, CIEH, England, Wales and N. Ireland was put in place as new President Elect of the International Federation of Environmental Health.

His period as IFEH President will run from 2016 and till 2018.

Immidiate Past President of the IFEH
Peter Davey, EHA, Australia.
The IFEH thanks the outgoing President Peter Davey for his great effort for the IFEH in his presidency 2012 - 2014.

Peter Davey is by now Hon. Vice President of the IFEH.

Also read about some of
Peter Daveys achievements in the article by Henning Hansen in the IFEH Magazine.

Janet Russels, CIEH, England, Wales and N. Ireland was elected as new PR Officer of the International Federation of Environmental Health.

The IFEH thanks the outgoing IFEH PRO Bernard Forteath for his great efforts in this position.


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