Spotlight on EH in Norway
Spotlight on Norway

On a regular basis, IFEH gives one of its Member Organisations the opportunity to give a brief outline of itself or how environmental health is in its home country.

These statements are solely the views of the individual member organisation. Right now you can read about Norway.

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Sponsor of the IFEH Hedgerow Bursary

Sponsors of the IFEH
Roy Emerson Award


Sponsor of the IFEH
Eric Foskett Award


International Day
for Diaster Reduction
13 October 2017
United Nations inaugurated this day to promote a global culture of risk-awareness and disaster reduction. Held every 13 October since 1989. Look up further information on the UNISDR website: Link and Link

IFEH is a partner with the UNISDR
Science and Technology Partnership


World Environmental Health Day
26 September 2017

Look up some of the many great activities around the Globe in regard to the
World Environmental Health Day
26 September 2017



Open Letter to
Philip Morris International
from 113 organisations

The IFEH is in partnership with
World Federation of Public Health Associations who has launched this open letter to PMI regarding smoking


IFEH Newsletter July 2017

The IFEH Newsletter July 2017 Edition is now available.


IFEH participation at the UN 2017 Global Platform on Disaster Risk Reduction in Cancun, Mexico

The IFEH participate in the UN 2017 Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction 22-26 May as an organising partner with the UNISDR.
The Congress is hosted by the Government of Mexico. The IFEH has by the UN been invited to put forward an Official Statement to the Congress.

The IFEH Statement with the full support of the IFEH BOD and the IFEH Committee on DRR has been submitted to the UN (UNISDR).
Look up the IFEH Offical Statement

Look up further information about the UN 2017 Global Platform on DRR:


IFEH World Congress 2018

NZIEH has launched the Congress website for the 15th World Congress on Environmental Health to be held in Auckland, New Zealand 20 - 23 March 2018.

Look up all the information:


World Environmental Health Day 2017
26 September

IFEH has launched the theme for WEHD 2017
Indoor and Outdoor Air Pollution


IFEH Newsletter March 2017

The IFEH Newsletter March 2017 Edition is now available.


IFEH Academic World Conference on
Environmental Health in Jamaica

The Jamaica Association of Public Health Inspectors (JAPHI) together with the IFEH are hosting the 2nd Academic World Conference on EH, titled:
"One Health - One Global Environment"
22 - 26 October 2017
Montego Bay, Jamaica

Look up the Congress website for further details
and call for papers:


International student conference on health sciences, Estonia
"Health in our Hands"

23 November 2017 at Tartu Health Care College, Estonia

Conference Website


Scientific Conference on EH in Uganda

Makerere University Environmental Health Students’ Association is hosting the 14th Annual Scientific Conference, 6th – 7th April 2017
Kampala, Uganda

Call for abstracts


IFEH Magazine December 2016

The IFEH Magazine - Environment & Health International December 2016 Edition is now available. Look up the IFEH Magazine


Environmental Health employees remembered one year on

A year after the terror attack in San Bernardino County where 14 persons mostly environmental health employees were killed, the Californian town honoured the dead in a day of memorial events.

Look up the article dated 07.12.2016 in EHN:


Look up the message from the CEHA President, dated 02.12.2016 on the CEHA website:


Roy Emerson Award 2017

The Roy Emerson Award Competion for 2017 is now open. Undergraduate Students from IFEH Member Countries or our Academic Association members are invited to submit a 2000-3000 Word Essay and accompanying power-point presentation.

The Topic is: “International Travel & Health”

The winning entry will be invited to receive the Roy Emerson Award and present the essay at the IFEH Academic Conference in Jamaica from 22-26 October 2017.

Look up further information

Instructions for participation


New Zealand Earthquake
Message from the IFEH and IFEH Precidency

The International Federation of Environmental Health expresses its concern and sympathy

Read the IFEH President Message


IFEH Newsletter November 2016

The IFEH Newsletter November 2016 Edition is now available. Thanks to our IFEH Hon PR Officer and Newsletter Editor Jesper Ř. Christensen.
If you have news for the coming edition please email

Look up the IFEH Newsletter, November 2016 Edition


Haiti, Hurricane Matthew
Message by the President of the IFEH

The International Federation of Environmental Health send our organisation’s condolences for the disaster caused by Hurricane Matthew

Read the IFEH President Message


World Environmental Health Day
26th September

Lots of activities around the Globe are taking place celebrating the WEHD 2016.

Some of those are noted on the IFEH WEHD website:


IFEH World Congress 2016 Outcomes

Malawi 2016 World Congress Declaration
as endorsed by the Conference delegates

IFEH Special Interest Groups

The IFEH 2016 World Congress hosted by Malawi Environmental Health Association (MEHA) and supported by the Malawi Government together with University of Malawi and Africa Academy of Environmental Health was a great succes.

Click for larger photo

The assembly was addressed by the Malawi Minister of Health - Dr. Peter Kumpalume - first row in the middle of the picture sitting next to the outgoing president of the IFEH Henninng I. Hansen.

New President of the IFEH
In the IFEH the precisdency is for a two years period.

The new elected IFEH President 2016 - 2018 is
Peter Archer, CIEH, Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, England, Wales and N. Ireland.

Peter Archer

New President Elect of the IFEH
The IFEH president is elected two years before the coming president takes office. We call it President Elect.

The new elected IFEH President Elect - to become IFEH Presient 2018 - 2020 is
Selva Mudaly, SAIEH, South African Institute of Environmental Health.

Selva Mudaly

IFEH Eric Foskett Award
At every IFEH World Congress theIFEH Eric Foskett award is presented a person inside the IFEH who has done an outstanding effort in regard to all the ideas that the IFEH is based upon.

This year Eric Foskett Award has been awarded:
Stephen James Cooper, CIEH

Stephen Cooper


IFEH has launched
16 special Interest Groups - SIGs

All of our 50,000+ members through our IFEH member organisations and associated are invited to participate in the IFEH SIGs.

Have a look and join:


World Environmental Health Day
26 September 2016

The theme for this years'
World Environmental Health Day is:

Tobacco Control…
a response to the global tobacco pandemic

Read more about this big event and how to contribute: IFEH WEHD 2016 Message

Visit the IFEH WEHD website:

Send information about your activities to:
to get it posted on the WEHD web site.


Haitian Call for assistance from the IFEH Community.
Haiti is facing great challenges combatting both Zika and Cholera epidemics. Haitian Institute of Health and Environment (HIHE) has called for assistance and the IFEH has responded to the call

Please read the Haitian call for assistance

Please read the IFEH President Statement


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2nd IFEH Academic World Conference
on Environmental Health, Jamaica

Hosted by JAPHI and IFEH
22 - 26 October 2017

15th IFEH World Congress
on Environmental Health, New Zealand

Hosted by
New Zealand Institute of Environmental Health

20 - 23 March 2018

IFEH Magazine December 2016

The IFEH Magazine
Environment & Health International

IFEH Strategic Planning Update